Tom Curran, Gail O’Rorke & Philip Nitschke, Dublin Press Conference April 2015

Political Campaigning

Exit’s foremost political aim is to ensure that right to die legislation is passed in Ireland. Any law that implemented must have a human rights focus and so not be limited to solely terminally ill people. The right to a good death is a fundamental human right of all rational adults. Exit avocates for the introduction of a Swiss-style law where help depends upon the motive of the person assisting, rather than the terminal illness status of the patient requesting medical help.

For more than a decade, Tom Curran has led Exit’s work across the Irish political divide.

Exit Public Meetings

Prior to Covid, Exit held regular free and open Public Meetings discussing the political history of the end of life choices debate and a person’s right to choose. For more than a decade, Tom Curran has been a highly-sought after speaker on the issue of the right to die, often appearing at university debates, public lectures, festivals as well as commenting widely in the Irish and international media.

Sensationalist media coverage prior to Exit’s first Dublin meeting in 2010how times have changed

Exit Online Workshops & Update Webinars

Since the COVID-10 pandemic, Exit has taken its flagship Workshop program Online. Exit Workshops are hosted by Philip Nitschke and exclusive for Exit Members / Subscribers to the Peaceful Pill eHanbook who are aged 50 years+, of sound mind (and/ or who are seriously ill). It is hoped that face-to-face meetings will resume in the summer of 2022.

Exit’s Local Chapters

Exit operates informal, local groups as a way of providing a regular meeting point for members to come together and discuss their thoughts and ideas, make new friends and stay on top of the latest information. In Irealnd, these small group meetings are hosted by Tom Curran.

Exit Coffee & Chats

Exit coffee and chat groups are small local groups of Exit members who meet privately in members’ homes for friendship, support and information.

Exit Publications

Every week, Exit publishes the Exit Internationalist Newsletter with all the news & views of Exit’s activities & broader issues relating to the end of life choices debate.

Exit International in the Netherlands is the publisher of the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook and the print Peaceful Pill Handbook.

Other Exit books include

An Act of Love – by Marie Fleming

Killing Me Softly – by Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart

Damned if I Do – by Philip Nitschke & Peter Corris

I Bequeath the Python – by Elaine Arch-Rowe