Exit Workshop, pre-C19 in 2019


In 2013, Exit International Director, Tom Curran, helped his partner Marie Fleming (who had MS) to die, after her ground-breaking legal case was unsuccessful in both the High Court and Supreme Court of Ireland.

The right to a good death is so universal that it should not be only for people who are terminally ill. My partner Marie was chronically, not terminally, ill.

It is not right that Marie would have been penalised because her suffering did not fit a narrow legal criteria.

An Irish right to die law must allow anyone who is suffering unbearably, and who is of sound mind, to make their own end of life decisions.

Only in Switzerland (where anyone can help another person to die as long as their motives are altruistic and as long as the person does the action themselves) could Marie have got help to die.

I call upon Ireland to introduce a Swiss style law.

What sort of gift is life, if one cannot give it away?

Tom Curran, Arklow Ireland, January 2022